Coffee Tables & Lamp Tables

All wood needs taking care of; most of our pieces are produced from 'green' timber (timber which is unseasoned) or only partly-seasoned timber.
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Faux Fur Throws & Cushion Covers to the nature of the product and the materials used, some initial casting of fibres may occur. 
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Cow Hide Rugs, Patchwork Leather Rugs & Sheep Skin Rugs

Useful tips about how to care and protect your rugs!
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Choosing Wooden Furniture For Your Home

A few pointers and a little guidance on choosing wooden furniture.
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The Use Of Faux Fur Throws

“How to use a faux fur throw in your interior design scheme”
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Faux Fur: A Fact File

A brief lesson in fake fur; or 'Faux Fur: A Fact File', and that's a lot of F's!
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Sheepskin Rugs : A Welcome Comeback

A summary of how sheepskin rugs are popular again
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Which Faux Fur Throw Should I Choose?

Helping you make a decision on which fur, what backing and what size faux fur throw to buy.
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Fifteen Shades of Grey

Why grey is THE interior decorating colour of the moment.
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FFT Is The Cruelty Free Choice To Add Style To Your Home

Many of the hottest trends in home interior design for 2018 include eco-friendly, animal friendly and family friendly touches...
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