Long, medium or short haired?

There are a number of factors that should be considered when choosing a faux fur throw. If the throw is to be used mainly for decoration, or to create an impact and just used occasionally to snuggle under when watching tv perhaps on those long cold winter evenings; then any of our fur throws are suitable. If, however, the throw will be used more regularly, maybe to brighten up an ageing sofa or chair, or for additional warmth when sleeping, then the medium or shorter haired fur blankets might be more suitable. A shorter-haired fur is also far more practical if you are likely to be sitting on it or leaning against regularly, as the pile of most furs has a direction, and this will change if pressure is applied. Whilst in most instances this can simply be brushed to restore, this would have to be done regularly to keep your throw looking in tip-top condition. You might also want to consider that the shorter-haired throws are more practical if you have pets that have a tendency to come in from their daily walk in those muddy fields and then immediately jump onto the sofa which has your beautiful new throw on it; you won't want one that needs to be dry cleaned every other day. Guidance on aftercare is provided in the information on all of our throw listings.


Faux-suede, supersoft fleece backing or double-sided main fur?

If price is a deciding factor, and let’s face it we all have to watch the pennies to a certain extent these days, then the faux-suede lining is our cheapest option. We use three standard colours; grey, brown or ivory. The colour used on each design is stated on each individual faux fur throws page. We recommend that if the throw is to be used on white, or very light, leather furniture the ivory suede is the best bet (to avoid any possible colour migration) You can leave a comment when placing your order that you would like ivory faux-suede if this is indeed the case). If your fur blanket is to be used mainly for decoration at the foot of a bed, then the faux-suede lining is ideal as you will only ever see the fur side of the throw.


The supersoft fleece backing is a new additional option, and one that is beginning to be quite popular. With this choice you get the beauty and luxury of the main fur on one side but a really soft feeling lining; which gives additional warmth and feels soft and warm next to the skin. This option is a little dearer than the faux-suede but more economical than the main fur on both sides. Again, we use just three standard colours, and so our ivory might not be a perfect match against the off-white in the Deluxe Polar or Beige Lynx, but the intention is to give a warmer and softer feel rather than appearance.


The double-sided fur option (main fur both sides) is, as you might imagine, 2 thicknesses of the main design of fur sewn together. In effect a reversible throw. Whilst these are very luxurious, the long-haired designs can be very heavy. The medium and shorter pile faux furs are more suited to this option, and if price is not the main consideration, then these double-sided faux fur throws are the height of luxury; but the most expensive.

What size throw do I need?

This is the most difficult question to address because there is no right or wrong answer. For a sofa or chair it depends if you want the throw mainly for decoration across an arm, or to cover the main part of the furniture, and of course sofas and chairs come in all combinations of sizes. For a bed throw, is it to be used as a full fur bedspread, or folded at the bottom of the bed as a design feature? There are low oriental style beds, high American style beds, and many sizes. Some people, particularly interior designers, like oversized bed throws that will drape onto the floor, whilst some people might want the throw to be just on the top of the bed and not to hang down at the sides at all. Our suggestion to help with your decision, is to take a bed sheet and fold it until you get the size and appearance that you are wanting. This way you can see if a 150cm x 150cm (59” x 59”) throw will cover all of the area on the sofa that you thought it might. Once you have achieved this, take the measurements and see if we have a size close to what you have folded. But remember, because we produce all of the throws and cushion covers ourselves, we can make almost any size you might want!