The Use Of Faux Fur Throws

The Use Of Faux Fur Throws

When accessorizing your house, it is the small details that can pull the interior design together. Although large pieces of furniture, eye-catching coloured paint and feature wallpaper set the scene: the accessories finish it and create a sense of pure style. Those who are knowledgeable about interior design will all agree that colours and textures play a huge part in a room’s ambiance.  Interior design experts will commonly use stone, wood, metals and materials together to contrast and complement one another. A luxurious faux fur throw is another example of how you can add instant luxury to your home, but where should it be used? Here are some inspiring suggestions and options to help you get creative with your faux fur throws.

On your seating and sofa area - Nothing says luxury more than a gorgeous faux fur throw draped over a seating area: The perfect complement to any seating area to give a comfortable feel and appearance too. Faux fur throws are especially gorgeous on settees in the winter time. They work particularly well in contrast to leather sofas or those made of natural-looking materials. You can either use a matching colour or something that is deeper depending on the look and style you want to create.  If you have lots of wood in your seating area, then a faux fur throw would be a great addition.

Suggested faux fur throw:  For a warm finish to your seating area, our warm mink faux fur throw is a great option. It consists of a long haired, soft dense faux fur in beautiful gold and wheat colouring with brown tipped hairs. 

In the bedroom - Faux fur throws also look fantastic in the bedroom. It gives a vibe of opulence and luxury to the room. Team a gorgeous silky faux fur throw with crisp white sheets for an extremely stylish finish.  Matching faux fur pillows sitting on the bed will bring the whole look together.

Suggested faux fur throw: Our New Koala fur throw is particularly popular for the bedroom area. It consists of a medium length, beautifully dense, dark silvery-grey faux fur throw.

Faux fur throw considerations

There are many options available to make sure that your fur throw is the right one for you! The faux fur throws are made on demand which means you can choose:

Which size:  Our throws range from just 100cm in length, all the way up to 300cm in length. They are available in both square and rectangular shapes.

Backing of the faux fur throw: The backing of the faux fur can be faux suede for a smooth finish, a shorter fur or it can be double sided with the main fur.

The length of the fur:  We have a range of furs that are available in short, medium or long lengths depending on your preference.

Wondering what type of faux fur throw to purchase for your next interior design project? Why not check out the collection. We have a huge range of faux fur throws available in a variety of styles and finishes too. And remember, we also offer a bespoke service.

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