Wooden furniture can be a great edition to any home, and can create a rustic and homely atmosphere alongside its functional value. However, shopping for home furniture can be a confusing and complicated task, owing to the vast range of shapes, sizes and materials on offer. Wood has been used to make furniture for centuries, however some woods have always been favoured over others for their exterior beauty and workability. 

For centuries, oak has been a common choice for wooden furniture but has been particularly popular since the Middle Ages due to its simple maintenance, durable strength, traditional appearance and multitude of forms. For these reasons, some of the best interior designers today continue to work with oak over other popular woods such as mahogany and walnut. 

If you’re currently shopping for a piece of wooden furniture for your home, your main priority is probably its exterior appearance (of course, you want it to look great in your home!) Depending on what style you’re going for, oak furniture can create a classic, traditional feel for those hoping to give their homes that rustic, homely atmosphere. For those looking for something more contemporary, a combination of oak and metal décor can create something modern and original for your home. The great thing about oak is that it won’t change colour or rust over time. In fact, many furniture buyers go for vintage oak furniture because of the beauty of aged oak.

Another thing to consider when considering wooden furniture is its maintenance, and more specifically, the time you’re willing to spend keeping your furniture looking amazing. In reality, most people don’t consider this when investing in a piece of wooden furniture, or at least don’t want to spend a lot of time or money maintaining their furniture after they’ve bought it. Luckily, you only have to polish oak every few months, and its incredibly simple to buff out any areas that get scratched. Taking care of your oak furniture will leave it looking better for longer, but it’s still incredibly low maintenance in comparison to other woods. 

Wood can be used for a variety of furniture, the most common being coffee tables, side tables, desks and book cases. When purchasing any of these pieces, it’s important to ensure that the wood is strong enough to fulfil its purpose. Oak is reputably strong and durable, and is actually one of the strongest woods that are used to make furniture today. Cheaper woods will do the job for a matter of months, but oak will last for years without loosing its strength. In addition to this, its incredible strength also makes it resistant to scratches and stains, which is great for those with busy homes, pets or children.

Oak comes in many shapes and forms – all of which are great for wooden furniture, whether it’s kiln-dried, air dried or green. Not only does it look beautiful, but it’s durability and low-maintenance make it a great investment for your home for years to come. So what about colour? The answer to this lies in the colour scheme of the room you will be siting the coffee table. Are there other pieces of oak furniture, maybe in a dark colour? Or do you want your coffee table to make a statement and stand out from everything else in the room? In our range of hand-made coffee tables we offer 4 options; from light/natural, through medium to dark. And for those situations where you might want to make a real statement with your table, we have the two-tone (light top and dark bases)