Due to the nature of the product and the materials used, some initial casting of fibres may occur.  A light vacuuming on receipt will eliminate most loose fibres and shedding. We do supply fur throws that can be washed but we highly recommend that all throws are DRY CLEANED ONLY.  They require careful treatment afterwards to brush and restore the pile. The larger sizes are much too heavy to comfortably handle once wet and will cause damage to washing machines because of their weight and bulk. Further information is given on the product page for each individual design.

For those throws that are washable, set your machine for the coolest & most delicate setting with a medium spin cycle. Only use a mild detergent recommended for delicates.  Let the throw dry naturally on a flat surface.  Do not tumble dry. Any kind of excessive heat will cause damage to the fibres. Any throw that can be machine washed can also be hand washed. Use a soft brush to gently separate the fur whilst still damp, restoring the pile. Fur throws must not be ironed. Please note we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your fur throw if you do not clean in accordance with our advice.

Cushion Covers

Most cushion cover designs can be machine washed following the same advice as for some of our throws. All can be hand washed and we advise with tepid water & mild detergent for hand washing, do not rub or ring. Do not tumble dry.  Do not steam or iron, do not bleach. Our advice after hand washing is to reshape the cushion cover, taking care not to damage it, lie flat on a towel and let it dry naturally.  Do not hang on a washing line. Brush or comb lightly whilst still damp to restore pile.