Cow Hide rugs

Take a minimum amount of care and should last you a life time if looked after properly. However, they are not intended to be used in high traffic areas; if they are, hairs will begin to break off and after time the base hide will be exposed.  We advise you to take your rug outside and shake it occasionally to remove any loose hairs.  You may gently vacuum over your rug but take care over the edges.  Neither cowhides nor patchwork cowhide rugs should be allowed to get wet.  If something is spilled on them it is advisable to immediately sponge the area with clean warm water and a gentle detergent, then leave to dry naturally.  Do not attempt to wash any of the rugs, either in a washing machine or dry clean them. Do not use chemicals to clean them unless you have obtained professional guidance.

Sheep Skin Rugs

Do not take much looking after, try not to get your rug wet but if you do, just let it dry out naturally. To keep if looking good you can brush the pile with a wide tooth comb or soft brush.  If you do soil or get dirt on your rug, we advise that you leave it to dry and brush it out.  With regards to spillages we advise a damp cloth and a mild wool detergent to dab out. We highly recommend that you DRY CLEAN ONLY.

If you decide to wash your rug, set your machine for the coolest & wool setting and no hotter than 30 degrees. Only use a mild detergent recommended for wool.  Let the rug dry naturally on a flat surface.  Do not tumble dry. Do not place on a radiator to dry. Use a soft brush to gently brush whilst still damp. The backing (leather) of the sheepskin rug will most likely become stiff if washed. Please note we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your rug if you decide to machine wash your rug.

Reindeer Skin Rugs

Are low maintenance, take your rug out side and gentle shake it, if you wish to vacuum, this must be done gently using the brush tool. Do not place your rug near heat sources like in front of a fire or a radiator; this may result in the rug drying out causing the hairs to become brittle. We highly recommend you DRY CLEAN ONLY. Please note that reindeer hide rugs are not intended for heavy traffic areas and hairs will undoubtedly begin to break off if walked on regularly.