Lead time and dispatching

As you have probably read, we produce virtually all of the items featured on our website ourselves. Because we offer such a large number of designs, size options, backings, colours, etc., we make virtually every item as it is ordered/required. Faux fur in particular can vary very slightly in colour from batch to batch, even roll to roll, and so to ensure that there is a perfect colour match when customers order multiple items in the same design, we specifically make that order. However, orders do go through our workshops very quickly, usually just 6 or 7 working days in the case of textile items, sometimes faster, and once your order is packaged and dispatched, we will notify you and provide a tracking link for your consignment.

Often you may be buying something from us that is intended as a gift; either birthday, anniversary,  religious festival such as Christmas or as a wedding present. In these instances, please contact us prior to placing the order, just to confirm that we are able to get the item to you in plenty of time.

Furniture items, such as our coffee tables, have a slightly longer lead time as you may expect; not only because there are more stages in the manufacturing process, but also because we try to combine orders for delivery in specific areas. If we deliver your order ourselves, we will always arrange the specific day with you, and can specify the delivery time, usually to within 30 minutes either side.


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