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Cowhide Footstools and our new Union Jack footstools are all produced, by hand, by ourselves here in the UK.

The frames are constructed from carefully selected timbers and thick ply, all glued and screwed together. The cowhides are specifically selected for use on our footstools, and the Union Jack flags are manufactured specifically for us by flagmakers to HM Queen Elizabeth and HRH Prince Charles. There is a number of choices of legs for each footstool which simply screw into place. The footstool you see in the photograph, and the one you order, is the one you will receive.


  • Cowhide Footstools


    We take great pride in manufacturing all our unique cowhide footstools in our dedicated in-house workshop at our Nottingham headquarters, here in the UK.


    We carefully hand-select only the finest quality cow hides in the market to offer you a luxury, top-quality product that will take pride of place in your home.


    Because we handcraft all our footstools ourselves we not only ensure you purchase the best quality product possible, we also offer you extremely competitive prices.


    Our cowhide footstools are available in a range of different sizes with several choices of legs to suit your aesthetic needs.


    Your cowhide footstool will be made from handcrafted robust timber frames, finished around the edge with 'antiqued' studding to add an extra touch of class.


    Why not purchase a cowhide ottoman today? An extremely versatile and stylish addition to your home décor, and are ideal to use as a coffee table.


    Or why not go for a cowhide low stool for putting your feet up as you tuck in to a good book at the end of a long evening, or for sitting down to warm your hands by the fire.


    Whatever your footstool needs, purchase one of our unique and affordable creations today.


  • Union Jack Footstools

    Just as our range of cowhide footstools, all of the Union Flag footstools are made by ourselves here in the UK in our own workshop. The Union Jacks or Union Flags are produced especially for us by one of the most prestigious flagmakers in the UK, and unlike many other union jack footstools, ours are made using actual flags; not printed designs. Each section, each colour, is carefully sewn to produce a beautiful union jack flag and then expertly upholstered onto solid timber frames. Each union jack footstool has a choice of leg to match your colour scheme. These stools create a perfect focal point in any room and will be the envy of all your friends and neighbours.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items