Sheepskin rugs were a huge home trend in the 1980s, but started to fade out of fashion by the end of the century. Their luxurious softness and unbeatable durability made them a homeowner’s dream. And good news – they’re back and trendier than ever. In fact all of the top high street stores are replicating this years biggest Autumn/Winter trend: introducing soft furnishings for a multi-textural design scheme. 

Here are our top reasons for investing in a sheepskin rug this season…

1. There’s a colour for every palette!

Sheepskin rugs commonly have a natural, creamy tone that looks great against wooden flooring. Some people like their fur rugs to look natural, but sheepskin rugs also come in a wide range of colours, either from rare breeds or dyed fleeces. Sheepskin holds dye incredibly well, meaning it won’t change colour or fade over time. And, for those on a tighter budget, high-quality imitation sheepskin rugs don’t look as authentic but also come in a whole range of colours and patterns.

2. They’re unbelievably soft.

Sheepskin rugs are renowned for their soft, luxurious texture. And the best part – the softness lasts with very little maintenance. And there’s a reason there’s always a sheepskin rug in front of the fire in the movies. Because of their thick piling, they are also unbeatably cosy, so you can literally be as snug as a bug in a rug this winter.

3. There’s no better way to add character to your home.

This season, it’s all about combining a multitude of textures to give your home character. One of the things that make fur rugs so special is that there’s so much variety. Icelandic sheepskin rugs have the most beautiful and unique patterns and colours – plus no two are the same! Cowhide rugs are another unique way to bring abstract textures into your home, not to mention they look incredibly chic next to softer furnishings and wooden floors.

4. Sheepskin rugs are luxury that lasts.

Luxury furnishings usually come at a cost – in terms of money and maintenance. The great thing about sheepskin rugs is that they only need a simple wire brush to bring them back to life. They’re also fairly simple to wash and you can buy non-alkaline shampoos to keep them looking as good as new. Or, go for a faux-fur rug – most of which can be washed at your local dry-cleaners.

Introducing a range of interesting textures into your home can be an expensive task, but a sheepskin rug is the key staple piece for those looking to redecorate for the colder months. Not only do they look great with a range of colour schemes and autumn winter home trends, but sheepskin rugs are a smart investment for you home for years to come.