All wood needs taking care of; most of our pieces are produced from 'green' timber (timber which is unseasoned) or only partly-seasoned timber. In these cases the wood will continue to dry out over a period of time and further cracks and splits will undoubtedly occur; this is an intentional part of the piece and only adds to the overall character.Occasionally wet patches can appear on the floor underneath where the furniture has stood, as the oak dries.  This is only temporary and we advice as a precaution, to protect your carpet or flooring, to place either a piece of polythene or place spacers underneath. Placing furniture very close to radiators or strong heat sources is not recommended. Centrally-heated environments which are quite dry will cause timber to dry quicker.  In these instances we suggest regular waxing; especially during the first year, ensuring plenty of wax is applied to end grain. If the piece is produced from oak, and intended for outdoor use, no treatment is necessary. Please ensure there is sufficient air circulation as no air may cause mould, should mould occur this can be washed off with warm soapy water. This is only a temporary measure and precautionary. We cannot be held responsible for failure to take note of the aftercare advice given.

Most of our coffee tables have been finished with a hard natural wax finish. The only aftercare required is to dust them as you would normal furniture and apply furniture wax/polish as and when required. Some pieces may have been stained and then waxed, but require the same treatment. Although the surfaces are waxed, unless requested otherwise, they will still stain easily from hot cups or spilled wine; care should be taken to protect the surface with coasters etc. . Care should be taken when moving any pieces of our furniture as most of them are very heavy.