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Black Panther Faux Fur Throw

Shiney black, medium length plain faux fur throw in a range of 9 standard sizes and choice of 3 backings. An economically priced collection of faux fur throws.

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Another new addition to our range of low priced, plain faux fur throws.

After listening to comments from our customers who wanted a plain black but not as long haired as the Black Bear, this new design will surely become very popular. Easily maintained and suitable for bedroom, sofa or chair; and cats and dogs adore it so why not spoil them and get one of the smaller sizes just for them.

If your throw is intended for use on white or very light leather furniture, please choose plain short fur or double sided fur, or request ivory faux-suede.

Please note that all throws ordered with main fur on both sides will be classed as bespoke and therefore non-returnable.

Any faux fur throw in our range that is wider than 150cm (59”) will have joins. When we make the wider throws we would always use a full width centre panel (150cm) and then sew equal strips to each side to make the correct overall size required. For example, a 300cm (118”) wide throw would consist of a 75cm (29.5”) panel, then a 150cm (59”) panel, then another 75cm (29.5”) panel; making a total width of 300cm (118”) approximately. There would be no joins in the length of a throw; whatever the length required.

Aftercare - May be machine or hand washed with care. Wash separately on cool temperature. Do not use bleach, do not tumble dry, do not ring. Brush to restore pile/fur before totally dry. May also be dry cleaned.
Length of fur - approximately 1" - 1.5" (2.5 - 4cm)
Lining/Backing colour - Grey
Fur composition - 100% Acrylic pile, 100% Polyester backing
Faux suede composition - 100% Polyester
Super soft fleece - 100% Polyester

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