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Bison Faux Fur Cushion

A rich dark brown faux fur, plain and medium length but dense and very soft. These modestly priced faux fur cushions will add that touch of luxury to any room.

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Another one of our very modestly priced faux fur cushion covers.

The Bison design is a new colourway in the range, but we know that the rich dark brown colouring, combined with the dense soft fur, will become very popular very quickly. There is always a demand for dark browns and the more natural colours in general, and our Bison faux fur cushion covers will add that touch of luxury to your sofas and chairs, but will fit equally as well in the bedroom, either with a matching faux fur throw or against a contrasting fur.

Now available in 3 standard sizes and you can choose from faux-suede backs or the main fur on each side.

If the cushions are intended for use on white or very light leather furniture, please either purchase the main fur each side option, or request ivory faux-suede for the backing.

All cushion pads/inners supplied with the cushions are polyester fibre.

Because shipping to destinations other than the UK is based on volume and not weight, it is not possible to provide cushions/pillows complete with inners to non-UK addresses. In those instances please order covers only as it would be far cheaper to obtain inners locally than to pay excessive delivery costs.

Aftercare -May be machine or hand washed with care. Wash separately on cool temperature. Do not use bleach, do not tumble dry, do not ring. Brush to restore pile/fur before totally dry. May also be dry cleaned.
Lining/Backing colour -Brown
Length of fur -approximately 1" (2.5cm)
Fur composition -84% Acrylic, 16% Polyester
Faux suede composition -100% Polyester
Super soft fleece -100% Polyester

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Bison Faux Fur Throw

A rich deep brown faux fur throw. Medium length, plain fur. Suitable for sofa and chair throws equally as much as bed throws or bedspreads. 9 standard sizes available and bespoke service.