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Large Dark Brown Cowhide Rug CH0018


Large brown and white dappled cowhide rug. Good colouring with dark brown centre and dappled brown towards edges. Evenly marked and a good shape. See dimensions below.

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This large dappled brown and white cowhide rug has been individually selected for its quality and markings. An even almost symetrical markings with both mid and dark brown on ivory/white. The centre is mainly a block of dark brown colour turning into dappled brown radiating towards the edges. All of our cowhides are sourced from South America; usually Brazil, but sometimes Chile or Argentina. They have all undergone chrome tanning techniques to ensure that they retain their colour and suppleness. Every cowhide rug is unique, but the one in the photograph is the one you will receive. Some minor scars may be visible on some of the cowhides, but these are natural and considered to add character to each rug. There may have been minor repairs to the reverse of the cow hides, but these will not be visible from the front. Any creasing, which is a result of the hides being folded, will gradually disappear quite quickly once the hides are laid flat.

The dimensions of each cowhide rug are taken from the external points (see diagram) 

cowhide sizing      Dimensions 72" long x 82" wide (182cm x 209cm) approx.

Aftercare - Most minor spillages or light staining can be simply wiped away before it dries.

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Dark Brown Cowhide Rug CH0014

Large dark brown cowhide rug. Very glossy with rich colours. Perfect against a lighter background. See dimensions below.


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