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Medium Reindeer Skin Rug 0045M


Medium sized reindeer skin rug. The reindeer hide in the photograph is the one you will receive. See 'Data' below for dimensions. 

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Our reindeer skin rugs originate in the northern regions of Finland where the weather is cold!!! Each one is individual and varies in its markings and colouration. They can be used either as rugs, throws or wall hangings. A beautiful blend of beiges, creams and browns, these reindeer skin rugs will make a real style statement in any room.

Although very dense and warm, reindeer skins should not be used in ‘high traffic’ areas or where temperatures are high, otherwise the hair can become brittle and break, and excessive use can result in excessive shedding; reducing the life of your reindeer skin. As with our cowhides, they are a bi-product and imported under strict European guidelines

Aftercare - Place reindeer hide on a wall, use standard vacuum cleaner on lowest power. Vacuum from head to feet gently. Clean approximately twice yearly.
Dimensions - 48" long x 47" wide (123 x 120cm) approx.

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Dark Brown Cowhide Rug CH0014

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