New New Koala Faux Fur Cushion Expand

New Koala Faux Fur Cushion

Luxuriously soft, superior quality, you won't believe how soft our New Koala faux fur cushions really are. Black at the root with silvery white tips.

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Probably the softest faux fur we have ever added to our range, the New Koala has black roots and is tipped with silvery white, rather like the morning frost.

Available in 2 standard sizes, 18" x 18" (45 x 45cm) or 24" x 24" (60 x 60cm) and with the option of faux-suede backs or main fur on both sides, we are sure you will find something suitable. But if you need a different size please ask.

We are confident that our New Koala faux fur cushions and covers will soon become one of our top sellers; not only for their looks but for their supersoft feel.

If your cushions are intended to be used on white or very light leather furniture, please select either main fur each side or request the ivory faux-suede backing.

All cushion pads/inners supplied with the cushions are polyester fibre.

Because shipping to destinations other than the UK is based on volume and not weight, it is not possible to provide cushions/pillows complete with inners to non-UK addresses. In those instances please order covers only as it would be far cheaper to obtain inners locally than to pay excessive delivery costs.

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